March 8, 2021


March 18, 2020

With the help of Houdni, I was able to reduce a dense architectural Revit model to manageable and precise slices for modular printing. After a good 40+ hours of printing on a $130 Crealty Ender 3, I was able to glue the sections together and form a 17″ tall PETG print. One of my biggest and most cost effective efforts yet.

It’s completely hollow for lighting capabilities


April 8, 2017

Here is a Maya animation test bringing Alembic into UE4.

The environment model is from
Music : Panda Eyes -Weed N Fries


January 5, 2017

Some Arnold and Maya


December 15, 2016

Maya has killed C4D. There is little reason to use cinema 4d now that 2017 has included the Arnold renderer and the new motion graphics tools.



November 1, 2016

I spent about a day on this. Photogrammed my face, then boolean’d a rough form. The printing took the longest so I had to cut corners. The Upper mask had too little infill and de-laminated. I was able to snap a crappy selfie before it disintegrated entirely. The fit was pretty close! Happy Halloween!




August 9, 2016




June 22, 2016

Some substance patterning. After making horizontally tiling alphas, I detailed and modeled the rest in zbrush, then rendered in vray. Next I printed them out to custom fit my hand. I have a few coming in from shapeways in silver. Available on Etsy.






June 9, 2016

Here is a very low poly zbrush to substance to UE4 exercise.



November 19, 2015

The struggle is real. This sketch represents the force required to keep polar opposites connected as they are constantly rejecting one another. This concept is pervasive throughout humanity.

I’ve started this in Zbrush and plan on finalizing in Blender.


**Work in progress, adding detail, remeshing, etc. I’m making heavy use of the zmodeler brush.


The UE4 arms are very handy, thanks Epic!


***Update 6/11
Incorporated the Bagua, added some color
It’s tricky to assign unique colors for wind, water, and lake but maybe I need to dig deeper into the translation



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All of these prints were modeled in Zbrush, printed with PETG

Here are some Halloween masks printed in Ninjaflex rubber filament. I modeled them based on rough scans of my face, then wore them around the neighborhood with my son.

I painted the ninjaflex Arrow mask with some krylon black and green spray.

Plastic PETG prints

Here is my first pass at using metal filaments and cold casting. The tan prints are using bronze infused PLA. I will post another update after I polish the bronze. The smaller prints are cold casts from plastic prints. I mixed bronze powder and resin, then poured the mix into a latex mold.


Here I have printed a large 8″ PETG white print. It’s shape allowed it to be printed completely hollow! Makes a nice lantern 😀

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October 20, 2015

Completely procedural using vertex masking, There is only one bump map driven by alpha channels, no normal maps or diffuse maps. I think I’m going to be using cinema 4d for a while.


//37thAnnualMFA Blaffer UH

April 10, 2015

Here it is! The show went really well! Hopefully the first of many virtual reality projects. Take a look at the images below, and hit the play arrows to get a Web browser view of a couple of the HMDs (Hanging Mounted Displays) that were in the gallery.

Most of the hardware was 3d printed, and the electronics included only 5 Samsung S3 android devices. The software used to generate the imagery was Zbrush4r7 Blender, Dive for Unity, and VR player for android. Audio generated in Ableton live and Audacity, mastered in Unity 5.

Much thanks to Evan Lee for joining me on this endeavor.

More examples to follow in later posts, including behind the scenes and VR player examples.










March 21, 2015

Here are two variations. One of them fits heads better. #ZB4r7

On the home stretch. Next post will show them installed.



March 17, 2015

Hanging stereoscopic display designed to work with Unity and a cell phone. Designed to dramatically boost the audio of a cell phone speaker and direct the sound towards the ear.
Modeled completely in Zbrush 4r7. The earphone pieces are currently in process.